Concentric microdialysis probes
(with external recording electrode
and ultra-low dead volume)
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MExt.lv-Hx  Specifications
 Membrane (H)  AN69 from Hospal Ltd. (35-40 KDa cutoff; 0.32 mm o.d.) 
 Probes using other membranes can be supplied
 (subject to availability)
 Membrane length  x mm (2 mm standard)
 Stainless steel body   15 mm in length (0.8 mm o.d.)
 Inlet & outlet   Silica tubing (75 µm i.d.) extending through epoxy-filled polyethylene tubes
 (0.61 mm o.d.) 50 and 30 mm in length for inlet and outlet, respectively.
 Internal silica tubes  150 µm o.d. & 75 µm i.d.
Electrode  External insulated Ni-Cr wire (60 µm diameter) 
Connector  1 mm gold-plated male pin
Microdialysis with recording of evoked potentials or local spontaneous electrical activity in the same brain region;
Ultra-low dead volume for optimal time resonse.