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High precision syringes, selected to optimise the stability of the perfusion flow rate. They are recommended when microdialysis is coupled to on-line analytical methods.
Part No  HA-250 (0.25 ml), HA-500 (0.50 ml) and HA-1000 (1 ml)

Reference electrodes, indifferent electrodes for electrophysiology with microdialysis electrodes.
Part No  REF-01

Grounding lines with 3 grounding points (electrical noise reduction device for work with microdialysis electrodes).
Part No  GRD-3

Electrical isolation kit for liquid switch (CMATM/110), to reduce electrical noise when switching from one perfusion medium to another.
Part No  IK-02

Straight forceps (stainless steel, with 2 mm striated tips).
Especially selected for easy probe handling and tubing connections.
Part No  FO-2

Miniature stainless-steel skull screws (pack of 100).
Part No  SCR-2